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Table 2 Map-corrected, non-local genomic windows with significant enrichment for detected transposon insertions in unselected tissues (liver, lung, skin, spleen)

From: Sequencing methods and datasets to improve functional interpretation of sleeping beauty mutagenesis screens

Window coordinates p-value Identified by initial analysis? # of tissues with insertions # of strains with insertions Gene within window Other notes
chr2:81,670,001-81,690,000 3.39E-07 No 3 3   
chr5:28,160,001-28,180,000 <1.00E-300 Yes 4 4 En2 Transposon artifact1
chr5:113,680,001-113,700,000 7.91E-18 Yes 4 3 1700069L16Rik  
chr6:12,510,001-12,530,000 <1.00E-300 Yes 4 4 Thsd7a  
chr6:12,530,001-12,550,000 <1.00E-300 Yes 4 4 Thsd7a  
chr6:12,550,001-12,570,000 <1.00E-300 Yes 4 3 Thsd7a  
chr8:65,840,001-65,860,000 7.21E-11 Yes 4 3 March1  
chr10:36,800,001-36,820,000 3.34E-15 Yes 4 4 Hs3st5  
chr11:3,180,001-3,200,000 5.64E-176 Yes 4 4 Sfi1 Genome assembly artifact2
chr11:76,780,001-76,800,000 3.30E-45 Yes 4 4 Cpd  
chr11:79,420,001-79,440,000 1.88E-09 Yes 4 3 Nf1  
chr13:15,380,001-15,400,000 1.95E-07 No 4 4   
chr13:31,620,001-31,640,000 1.01E-200 Yes 4 4 Foxf2 Transposon artifact1
chr16:28,880,001-28,900,000 5.71E-09 Yes 4 3 Mb21d2  
chr17:83,160,001-83,180,000 2.93E-08 No 4 3   
chrX:150,970,001-150,990,000 2.26E-07 No 3 4 Gnl3l  
  1. 1Detected as significant due to the inclusion of En2 and Foxf2 splicing elements within the transposon structure.
  2. 2Detected as significant due to presence at a higher copy number than annotated in the reference genome.