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Table 1 Topological assessment of normalized log2 expression for the whole transcriptome and genes restricted to either IFN or pro-inflammatory cytokine treatment for MERS-CoV Eng 1, MERS-CoV SA 1 and icSARS-CoV conditions

From: Cytokine systems approach demonstrates differences in innate and pro-inflammatory host responses between genetically distinct MERS-CoV isolates

Topological difference of normalized log2 expression MERS-CoV SA 1 to Eng 1 MERS-CoV SA 1 to icSARS-CoV MERS-CoV Eng 1 to icSARS-CoV
Whole transcriptome 0.29 2.19 2.43
Restricted to IFN-α and IFN-γ stimulated genes 0.74   
Restricted to TNF and IL-1α stimulated genes 0.35   
  1. For comparison of topological differences in the host response, we calculated persistence homology bar codes for data set-matched mock and infected samples. The differences between bar codes were calculated using a maximal bipartite graph matching algorithm. For icSARS-CoV we also included 30 and 36 hpi samples.