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Table 2 Validation of flanking markers for detecting the Rcr1 gene (%) in clubroot resistant BC 1 progeny

From: Fine mapping of Rcr1 and analyses of its effect on transcriptome patterns during infection by Plasmodiophora brassicae

  B. napus a B. rapa a
Molecular markers Resistantb Susceptibleb Resistant Susceptible
sN8591 99.8% 0.2% 96.5% 3.5%
sR6340I 95.9% 4.1% 92.7% 7.3%
sB4889B 79.4% 20.6% 87.8% 12.2%
sS2093 92.7% 7.3% 80.2% 19.8%
  1. aThe BC1 populations were derived from crosses of a DH line of B. napus (SV11-17667) and B. rapa (BH11-17938), respectively, with cv. FN. Each BC1 population use for the experiment consisted of 176 plants.
  2. b“Resistance” and “Susceptible” are phenotypical reactions to pathotype 3 of P. brassicae. The percentage indicates the rate of Rcr1 identification in plants using the marker.