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Figure 1

From: Architecture and functions of a multipartite genome of the methylotrophic bacterium Paracoccus aminophilus JCM 7686, containing primary and secondary chromids

Figure 1

Circular representations of the P. aminophilus JCM 7686 genome. Circles displayed (from the outside): (i) predicted CDSs transcribed in the clockwise direction, (ii) predicted CDSs transcribed in the counterclockwise direction, (iii) the position of tRNA genes, (iv) the position of rRNA genes, (v) the GC percent deviation, (vi) GC skew (G + C/G-C). The tRNA and rRNA genes are present only within the chromosome and plasmid pAMI1. Yellow arrow heads indicate transposable elements. Violet lines represents the prophage-like regions. Circles are drawn not in scale.

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