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Figure 2

From: Architecture and functions of a multipartite genome of the methylotrophic bacterium Paracoccus aminophilus JCM 7686, containing primary and secondary chromids

Figure 2

The growth rates of pAMI1-, pAMI4-, pAMI6- and pAMI8-less derivatives of P. aminophilus JCM 7686. Growth rates of the bacterial cultures were determined by viable cell counts (cfu).The strains [wild-type strain, pAMI1-less derivative, pAMI4-less derivative, pAMI6-less derivative and pAMI8-less derivative] were grown in 20 ml of liquid LB (A) or AC medium (B) with arabinose added as the sole source of carbon and energy. Samples were taken every 12 h for 36 h (in the case of LB medium) and every 24 h for 120 h (in the case of AC medium). The values plotted are the means of three replicates.

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