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Table 3 A summary of GO terms that are significantly enriched in 1st (early) or 2nd (late) age-positions in VL muscles or brain cortex

From: Major aging-associated RNA expressions change at two distinct age-positions

  1st age-position 2nd age-position
VL muscles Muscle contraction; Contractile fiber;
Calcium transport; Mitochondria;
Lipid metabolism Apoptosis;
  Estrogen receptor signaling;
  Chromatin silencing;
  Phagocytic vesicle;
  RNA processing
Brain cortex Nervous system; Nerve cell system;
Calcium transport; Apoptosis;
Lipid metabolism; Mitochondria;
Actin cytoskeleton; Nucleotide biosynthesis;
Interphase; Microtubule cytoskeleton;
Apoptosis; Cell migration;
Cell migration; Ion homeostasis;
Nucleotide biosynthesis; Insulin-like growth factor signaling;
Energy biogenesis; Hormone secretion
Androgen signaling;  
Protein tyrosine kinase;  
Endocytic vesicle  
  1. A list of significantly enriched GO terms in the early and late age-positions for VL muscles and brain cortex datasets. GO terms are ordered according to their significant enrichment. In bold are similar GO terms in both tissues. A complete list of the GO terms hierarchical trees can be found in Additional file 3: Tables S8–11.