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Table 6 Biological process (BP) terms and annotation clusters down-regulated with age only in pollen deprived bees

From: Transcriptional markers of sub-optimal nutrition in developing Apis mellifera nurse workers

BP term or cluster Description N X 2 adj A OrthologuesB
GO:0007391 Dorsal closure (BP)C 3 <0.0001 FBgn0044323, FBgn0010434, FBgn0000723
GO:0005488 Binding (MF) 3 0.0357 FBgn0031266, FBgn0021847, FBgn0030674
GO:0046331 Lateral inhibition (BP)C 3 0.0075 FBgn0029685, FBgn0015615, FBgn0025743
IPR016024 Armadillo-type fold 4 <0.0001 FBgn0031266, FBgn0043362, FBgn0260990, FBgn0030674
GO:0005524 ATP binding (MF) 9 <0.0001 FBgn0051729, FBgn0036486, FBgn0261014, FBgn0032243, FBgn0015615, FBgn0025743, FBgn0026059, FBgn0260990, FBgn0000723
GO:0005524, GO:0006468, IPR002290, IPR000719 ATP binding (MF),protein phosphorylation (BP), Serine/threonine-protein kinase domain, Protein kinase, catalytic domain 3 0.0080 FBgn0025743, FBgn0260990, FBgn0000723
IPR011046 WD40 repeat-like-containing domain 7 <0.0001 FBgn0024698, FBgn0044323, FBgn0027518, FBgn0043362, FBgn0037758, FBgn0029903, FBgn0038927
GO:0003779 Actin binding (MF) 3 <0.0001 FBgn0010434, FBgn0029903, FBgn0035347
GO:0000398 Nuclear mRNA splicing, via spliceosome (BP)C 3 0.0080 FBgn0031266, FBgn0034002, FBgn0038927
Kegg:03040 Spliceosome 3 <0.0001 FBgn0031266, FBgn0038927, FBgn0031390
GO:0006468 Protein phosphorylationD 3 0.0148 FBgn0025743, FBgn0260990, FBgn0000723
GO:0006378 mRNA polyadenylationD 2 <0.0001 FBgn0024698, FBgn0260780
GO:0016319 Mushroom body developmentD 2 <0.0001 FBgn0010051, FBgn0025743
GO:0048749 Compound eye developmentD 2 0.00488 FBgn0043362, FBgn0025743
GO:0006813 Potassium ion transportD 2 <0.0001 FBgn0037244, FBgn0037758
GO:0006281 DNA repairD 2 <0.0001 FBgn0036486, FBgn0015283
GO:0007030 Golgi organizationD 2 <0.0001 FBgn0261014, FBgn0033075
  1. AX2adj refers to the significance of the Fisher’s exact test with a Benjamini-Hochberg correction for multiple comparisons.
  2. BOrthologues correspond to those pictured in Figure 3B (left panel) and represent Drosophila melanogaster genes that are listed in FlyBase.
  3. CTerms that were significant BP terms and were part of a significant gene annotation cluster.
  4. DTerms that represented significant BP terms but did not form a significant gene annotation cluster.