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Table 1 Genes putatively involved in anthocyanin synthesis, regulation, and deposition found in the floral transcriptome of T. hassleriana and the expression of their putative orthologs in A. thaliana tissues and developmental stages

From: Analysis of the floral transcriptome of Tarenaya hassleriana (Cleomaceae), a member of the sister group to the Brassicaceae: towards understanding the base of morphological diversity in Brassicales

Gene homologs expressed in T. hassleriana floral transcriptome Expression in A. thaliana
TT4 Buds, senescent leaf, seed (globular embryo stage)
F3H Buds, petal, seed (globular and torpedo stage embryo)
CHIL Buds, petal, young silique, seeds (globular and torpedo stage embryo)
DFR Senescent leaf, young silique, seed (heart stage embryo)
LDOX Senescent leaf, young silique, seed (heart stage embryo)
FLS1 Buds, petal, seeds (torpedo and walking stick stage embryo)
TT5 Buds, petal, carpel, seed (globular and heart stage embryo)
UGTD2 Senescent leaf, seed (curled cotyledon, green cotyledon stage embryo)
UGTC1 Senescent leaf
TT8 Young siliques, seeds (heart, walking stick stage embryo)
TTG1 All plant organs, high expression in cauline and senescent leaves, young siliques, seeds (heart and torpedo stage embryo)
PAP2 Senescent leaf
FAP3 Cauline leaf, young siliques, seeds (Heart, torpedo, walking stage embryo)
GL3 Expression data not available
EGL3 Shoot apex (vegetative, floral transition, inflorescence), young silique, seeds (globular, torpedo, walking stick stage embryo)
MYB111 Petals, shoot apex (inflorescence)
MYB113 All plant organs, high expression in pollen, seeds (curled cotyledon and green cotyledon embryo stage)
TT2 Young siliques, seeds (globular and heart stage embryo)