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Table 4 Top 10 pathways from BiNGO pathway analysis of protein sub-network depicted in Figure 3 (a)

From: The effect of smoking on DNA methylation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from African American women

GO category Category name Total Changed Corrected p-value
GO:0002252 Immune effector process 129 5 6.23E-9
GO:0006956 Complement activation 40 4 1.09E-8
GO:0002541 Activation of plasma proteins in acute inflammatory response 41 4 1.09E-8
GO:0006959 Humoral immune response 77 4 1.07E-7
GO:0051605 Peptide maturation by peptide bond cleavage 81 4 1.07E-7
GO:0002526 Acute inflammatory response 89 4 1.31E-7
GO:0002253 Activation of immune response 96 4 1.53E-7
GO:0016485 Protein processing 105 4 1.92E-7
GO:0051604 Protein maturation 115 4 2.47E-7
GO:0050778 Positive regulation of immune response 146 4 5.84E-7