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Table 1 Predicted TAL effector targeted genes in C. sinensis that are transcriptionally regulated by Xc in the presence of Ch or, by the heterologous expression of the TAL effector

From: Identification of putative TAL effector targets of the citrus canker pathogens shows functional convergence underlying disease development and defense response

Microarray data (fold change) Sweet orange genes with Homologous gene description Functional category References
  PthA2 binding sites    
PthA2 x GUS (4.0) orange1.1g032466m.g Pepper UPA22 (UPA22) GA response [10, 31]
  orange1.1g031880m.g Tobacco rac-like GTPase 1 (RAC) Auxin response [53]
  orange1.1g001197m.g Rat transcription activator BRG1 (BRG1) Cell growth [54]
PthA2 x GUS (-3.1) orange1.1g023431m.g Xyloglucan endotransglucosylase (XET) Cell growth [55]
  orange1.1g040761m.g Castor bean LOB domain protein (LOB2) Defense [56]
PthA2 x GUS (-3.1) orange1.1g037640m.g Tobacco UDP-glucosyltransferase (UDPGT) Defense [57]
  PthA4 binding sites    
Xc + Ch x Ch (3.8) orange1.1g024897m.g Tobacco 14-3-3 protein (14-3-3) Cell growth [5860]
PthA4 x GUS (11.4) orange1.1g017949m.g Citrus limetta dioxygenase (DIOX) Cell growth [61, 62]
PthA4 x GUS (5.2) orange1.1g018649m.g Tobacco cysteine proteinase (CP) Defense [63, 64]
  orange1.1g037138m.g C. trifoliata NBS-LRR protein (CCNBS1) Defense [65]
  PthC1 binding sites    
  orange1.1g041266m.g Tomato self pruning-interacting protein 1 (SIP1) Cell growth [66]
  orange1.1g010756m.g Potato Ca+2-dependent protein kinase (CDPK) Cell growth [67]
  orange1.1g039072m.g Potato CC-NBS-LRR protein (CCNBS2) Defense [68]
  orange1.1g042296m.g Sunflower CC-NBS-LRR protein (CCNBS3) Defense [69]
  Multiple EBEs    
  PthA2, PthA4, PthC1    
  orange1.1g046669m.g Tobacco Avr9/Cf9 elicited protein 146 (AE146) Defense [70]
  PthA4, PthC1    
Xc + Ch x Ch (8.8) orange1.1g026556m.g Aspen LOB domain 1 (LOB1) Cell growth [71]