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Table 2 Up-regulated bursa copulatrix and bursal gland genes with secretion signal peptides or transmembrane motifs

From: Using RNA sequencing to characterize female reproductive genes between Z and E Strains of European Corn Borer moth (Ostrinia nubilalis)

Tissue Secretion signal peptide TMHMM
Bursa copulatrix 2% 7%
Bursal gland 16% 46%
  1. Percent of bursa copulatrix and bursal gland genes that were up-regulated compared to the female thorax and contain either a secretion signal peptide or at least one transmembrane motif. The bursal gland has a higher percent of predicted proteins with secretion signal peptides and transmembrane helices.
  2. Number of putative proteins with secretion signal peptides.
  3. Number of genes with at least one transmembrane helix.