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Table 1 The CT26 gp70 SNVs relative to the mm9 reference genome (negative strand)

From: Immunomic, genomic and transcriptomic characterization of CT26 colorectal carcinoma

Mm9 coordinate Reference Mutation Zygosity AA change DbSNP 128 Observed in Genbank mRNAs?
chr8:125952138 T A Homo S > T rs30558843 Many, including CT26 [mRNA GU441834]
chr8:125951873 G A Hetero W > *   No
chr8:125951822 A G Hetero Y > C   CT26 [mRNA GU441834]
chr8:125951717 G A Hetero W > *   No
chr8:125951634 G A Homo E > K   CT26, B16 (melanoma), RCB0527-Jyg-MC(B) & RCB0526-Jyg-MC(A) (mammary)
chr8:125951556 G T Hetero G > *   RCB0526-Jyg-MC(A) (mammary tumor)
chr8:125951208 G A Homo G > S   CT26 [mRNA GU441834]
chr8:125950710 G A Hetero E > L   RCB0526-Jyg-MC(A) (mammary tumor)
chr8:125950284 G A Hetero G > R rs30722372 No
  1. AA, amino acid; *, stop codon.