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Table 1 Characteristics of the analyzed metagenomic datasets

From: Comparative analysis of CRISPR cassettes from the human gut metagenomic contigs

Metagenomic project Number of contigs/reads Total length Source Individuals involved Sequencing platform Assembly algorithm
The Human Microbiome Project (HMP) 1,889,651 contigs 3,732 Mb Fecal samples 124 Europeans of various ages (18–69) Illumina GA MetaMos
(N50 = 3692)
Healthy Human Gut Metagenomes (JPN) 353,805 contigs 463 Mb Fecal samples 13 Japanese individuals (6 months – 45 years), comprising 2 families (of 3 and 4 members) and 6 unrelated individuals MegaBACE4500 sequencer (GE Healthcare) PCAP
(N50 = 1180)
Distal gut metagenomic project (DG) 22,508 contigs 336 Mb Fecal samples 2 healthy adults ABI 3730x1 DNA analyzer Celera Assembler
(N50 = 1657)