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Table 1 Characteristics of the analyzed metagenomic datasets

From: Comparative analysis of CRISPR cassettes from the human gut metagenomic contigs

Metagenomic project

Number of contigs/reads

Total length


Individuals involved

Sequencing platform

Assembly algorithm

The Human Microbiome Project (HMP)

1,889,651 contigs

3,732 Mb

Fecal samples

124 Europeans of various ages (18–69)

Illumina GA


(N50 = 3692)

Healthy Human Gut Metagenomes (JPN)

353,805 contigs

463 Mb

Fecal samples

13 Japanese individuals (6 months – 45 years), comprising 2 families (of 3 and 4 members) and 6 unrelated individuals

MegaBACE4500 sequencer (GE Healthcare)


(N50 = 1180)

Distal gut metagenomic project (DG)

22,508 contigs

336 Mb

Fecal samples

2 healthy adults

ABI 3730x1 DNA analyzer

Celera Assembler

(N50 = 1657)