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Table 3 Statistics of the first generation BAC-based physical map of half-smooth tongue sole genome

From: A first generation BAC-based physical map of the half-smooth tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis) genome

Number of BAC clones fingerprinted 33, 575 ~8.3 × genome coverage
Valid fingerprints for FPC assembly 30, 294 ~7.5 × genome coverage
Total number of contigs assembled 1,485  
Clones contained in the 1,485 contigs 29,709 ~7.3 × genome coverage
Average number of clones per contig 20  
Average contig size in consensus bands (CB) 278  
Estimated average contig size (kb) 539  
Longest contig (ctg31; kb) 3,481  
Estimated N50 contig size (kb) 664  
Number of Q-contigs 101 6.8%
Number of Q-clones 133 0.45%
Number of singletons 585 1.93%
Average insert size of the BAC library (kb) 155  
Bands number of per BAC clone 80.2  
Average size each band represents (kb) 1.933  
Total number of bands included in the contigs 412,292  
Total physical length of assembled contigs (kb) 796,960 ~1.27 × genome coverage