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Table 4 ADH forms in A. carolinensis and P. sinensis

From: The Xenopusalcohol dehydrogenase gene family: characterization and comparative analysis incorporating amphibian and reptilian genomes

  A. carolinensis P. sinensis
Class Gene Accession Gene Accession
ADH1 ADH1A HF569253 ADH1 HF571257
  ADH1B HF569252   
  ADH1C HF569251   
  ADH1D HF569250   
  ADH1E HF569249   
  ADH1F HF569248   
  ADH1G HF569247   
  ADH1H HF569246   
ADH2 Not found Not found ADH2 HF571258
ADH3 ADH3 HF569254 ADH3 HF571259
ADH7 ADH7A HF569257 ADH7 HF571260
  ADH7B HF569256   
  ADH7C HF569255   
  1. All the ADH classes and genes identified in A. carolinensis (anole lizard) and P. sinensis (turtle) genomes, together with their EMBL accession numbers (from this study), are included. Multiple ADH1 and ADH7 loci exist in A. carolinensis, while no ADH2 gene has been found. In contrast, P. sinensis has a single gene for each class.