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Figure 1

From: Genome sequencing and comparative analysis of three Chlamydia pecorum strains associated with different pathogenic outcomes

Figure 1

Circular representation of the genome of C. pecorum PV3056/3. Circles from the outside in show: the positions of protein-coding genes (blue), tRNA genes (red) and rRNA genes (pink) on the positive (circle 1), and negative (circle 2), strands respectively. Circles 3–5 show the positions of BLAST hits detected through blastn comparisons of PV3056/3 against W73 (circle 3), P787 (circle 4) and E58 (circle 5) with the following settings: query split size = 50,000 bp, query split overlap size =0, expect value cutoff =0.00001. Low complexity sequences were eliminated from the analysis. The height of the shading in the BLAST results rings is proportional to the percent identity of the hit. Overlapping hits appear as darker shading. Circles 6 and 7 show plots of GC content and GC skew plotted as the deviation from the average for the entire sequence. The origin of replication is indicated by the vertical zig-zag line.

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