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Table 1 Number of NFIB-activated/repressed genes with an NFIB ChIP-seq peak near their TSS

From: An overlapping set of genes is regulated by both NFIB and the glucocorticoid receptor during lung maturation


≤1 kbp

≤10 kbp

≤100 kbp

Activated (396)

0.3% (1)

1.3% (5)

10.6% (42)

Repressed (203)

1.0% (2)

2.0% (4)

8.4% (17)

All (11383)

1.2% (140)

2.2% (255)

11.6% (1324)

  1. The table shows the percentage (number) of NFIB-activated, NFIB-repressed or all genes that have an NFIB peak within the given distance of their TSS. Percentages are in terms of the total number of genes in the given class. Note that we consider only genes for which we have both distance and expression data, so the numbers of activated/repressed genes presented in this table are slightly lower than the total number of NFIB-activated genes (412) and NFIB-repressed genes (219).