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Table 4 Enriched canonical pathways in endometrial mRNA from HF and LF heifers

From: Global gene expression in endometrium of high and low fertility heifers during the mid-luteal phase of the estrous cycle

Pathways Genes % DEG P-value
Canonical signalling
Regulation of Actin-based Motility by Rho MYLK, ACTB, ACTA2, RHOU, ACTC1, FNBP 6.5 0.0007
ILK Signalling TGFB1I1, FLNC, ACTN2, ACTB, ACTA2, FERMT2, RHOU, ACTC1, FNBP1 4.3 0.0017
Caveolar-mediated Endocytosis Signalling FLNC, ACTB, ACTA2, ACTC1, COPB2 6.0 0.0024
Polyamine Regulation in Colon Cancer PSMD11, PSMB10, PSMD2, ODC1 7.0 0.0041
Cellular Effects of Sildenafil MYLK, ADCY2, ACTB, ACTA2, ADCY3, ACTC1 3.9 0.0068
RhoA Signalling MYLK, ACTB, ACTA2, ARHGEF11, ACTC1 4.5 0.0126
Mechanisms of Viral Exit from Host Cells ACTB, ACTA2, ACTC1 6.8 0.0135
TR/RXR Activation UCP3 , RAB3B , FASN, RCAN2 4.1 0.0245
Virus Entry via Endocytic Pathways FLNC, ACTB, ACTA2, ACTC1 4.2 0.0245
Semaphorin Signalling in Neurons DPYSL3, RHOU, FNBP1 5.8 0.0288
HMGB1 Signalling HMGB1 (includes EG:3146), RBBP7, RHOU, FNBP1 4.1 0.0302
Thrombin Signalling MYLK, ADCY2, ADCY3, RHOU, ARHGEF11, FNBP1 2.9 0.0331
Integrin Signalling MYLK, ACTB, ACTA2, RHOU, ACTC1, FNBP1 3.0 0.0331
Sphingosine-1-phosphate Signalling ADCY2, ADCY3, RHOU, FNBP1 3.6 0.0407
Germ Cell-Sertoli Cell Junction Signalling ACTB, ACTA2, RHOU, ACTC1, FNBP1 3.2 0.0417
CXCR4 Signalling ADCY2, ADCY3, RHOU, ARHGEF11, FNBP1 3.0 0.0447
Canonical metabolic
Purine Metabolism NSF , ADCY2, ENPP1, IMPDH2, DCK , ATP13A5, ADCY3, PDE6C , PAICS, POLR2H, ACTC1 2.5 0.0019
Glycan Biosynthesis GALNT2, GYLTL1B , GALNT6 6.3 0.0077
Fatty Acid Biosynthesis FASN, PCCB 3.9 0.0098
Sulphur Metabolism SULT1A1, SUOX 3.3 0.0316
Pantothenate and CoA Biosynthesis ENPP1, DPYSL3 3.1 0.0347
Pyrimidine Metabolism ENPP1, DCK , DPYSL3, POLR2H, CMPK1 2.2 0.0457
  1. Genes marked in bold are up-regulated.