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Table 1 Sequencing statistics and expression data in CamemBank 01

From: Metatranscriptome analysis of fungal strains Penicillium camemberti and Geotrichum candidumreveal cheese matrix breakdown and potential development of sensory properties of ripened Camembert-type cheese

Total number of reads in CamemBank01 1,019,060 reads
Total number of filtered contigs in CamemBank01 7916 contigs
Average length per contig 988 bp
Minimum length 202 bp
Maximum length 4994 bp
Average expression per contig 71 reads/contig
Minimum expression 6 reads/contig
Maximum expression 10,928 reads/contig
Number of contigs with an expression  
< 71 reads/contig 6644 contigs (84%)
≥ 71 reads/contig 1272 contigs (16%)