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Table 3 Top ten GO biological processes with most genes assigned in Chiifu, turnip and rapid cycling

From: Beyond genomic variation - comparison and functional annotation of three Brassica rapagenomes: a turnip, a rapid cycling and a Chinese cabbage

Chiifu Turnip Rapid cycling
Biological process #genes Biological process #genes Biological process #genes
Response to stress 40 Response to stress 65 Response to stress 31
Response to abiotic stimulus 31 Protein modification process 35 Protein modification process 16
Response to endogenous stimulus 18 Catabolic process 32 Response to abiotic stimulus 15
Secondary metabolic process 16 Transport 30 Signal transduction 13
Signal transduction 16 Response to abiotic stimulus 29 Cellular component organization 13
Catabolic process 14 Signal transduction 27 Response to biotic stimulus 12
Cellular component organization 13 Response to biotic stimulus 21 Transport 12
Anatomical structure morphogenesis 11 Carbohydrate metabolic process 18 Catabolic process 11
Response to biotic stimulus 11 Cellular component organization 17 Response to endogenous stimulus 9
Protein modification process 10 Response to endogenous stimulus 14 Lipid metabolic process 9
  1. Only dispensable and unique genes were included in the analysis. The term “response to stress” is the most over-represented and seven out of these ten GO terms are found in Chiifu, turnip as well as rapid cycling.