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Table 2 mtSNPs association with KEGG pathways and modules in stool and posterior fornix samples

From: mtDNA haplogroup and single nucleotide polymorphisms structure human microbiome communities

Sample origin SNP Allele frequency Rare SNP? Location Codon p-value q-value Pathway/module associated
Stool WGS
  C3333T 0.073 Y ND1 Leu- > Leu 0.0001 0.026 ko00360: Phenylalanine_metabolism
G11914A 7.87 N ND4 Thr- > Thr 0.0001 0.014 M00335: Sec(secretion) System
Posterior fornix WGS
  T6776C 2.55 N COI His- > His 0.0005 0.049 ko00071: Fatty acid metabolism
  A15924G 3.92 N tRNAThr N/A 0.0001 0.003 M00193: Putative spermidine/ putrescine transport