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Table 2 A selected subset of candidate virulence proteins whose expression is temperature dependent

From: Proteomic comparison of Ralstonia solanacearum strains reveals temperature dependent virulence factors

Biological process category Protein name Putative function Protein accession GMI1000 Gene tag in GMI1000 Profile of regulation group
Metabolism Mdh Malate dehydrogenase. Glyoxylate cycle 17546717 Rsc1998 4
  LeuC Isopropylmalate isomerase large subunit. Amino acid biosynthesis leucine pathway 17546709 Rsc1990 4
Stress response ClpB ATP-dependent protease. ClpB are chaperones to proteins tagged for destruction. 17546054 Rsc1335 2
  PpO Polyphenol Oxidase. Contributes to resistance to phenolic compounds 17545056 Rsc0337 2
  GroES 10kDA chaperonin. Folding and assembly of proteins 17545360 Rsc0641 4
  GroEL 60kDA subunit chaperonin. Folding and assembly of proteins 17545361 Rsc0642 4
  PhaP1 Phasin_2 domain. Usually associates with PHB granules in bacteria. 17546324 Rsc1605 4
  HtpG Putative heat-shock 90. Molecular chaperone. 17545709 Rsc0990 2
  Dps DNA protection starvation protein. 17547406 Rsc2687 2
  KatE/katB Catalase I hydroperoxidase HpiI oxidoreductase. 17549800 Rsp1581 1
  KatG Heme-dependent peroxidase. 17545494-495 Rsc0775-0776 4
Transport/motility/secretion SecB Putative translocase. Sec dependent pathway 17545075 Rsc0356 4
  PilQ Porin, part of type IV twitching motility system 17547690 Rsc2971 2
  Rsp0744 Associated with bacterial type VI secretion apparatus secretion 17548965 Rsp0744 2
  Hcp Type VI secretion system translocator, Hcp1 family 17548966 Rsp0745 4
Unknown Rsc1727 Hypothetical protein with an EmrB/QacA family multidrug resistance transmembrane protein 17546446 Rsc1727 2
  Rsp0167 Homolog to RaxST PAMP effector in Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae. 17548388 Rsp0167 2
Virulence Egl Endoglucanase. Degradation of polysaccharides 17548383 Rsp0162 3
  Rsp0275 Putative chitinase 17548496 Rsp0275 1
  ChbA Putative exoglucanase. Cellobiohydrolase A domain 17548804 Rsp0583 2
  HrcC Secretin of the conserved family of type III apparatus system 17549095 Rsp0874 8
  WecC(EpsD) Enzyme part of the exopolysaccharide operon (EpsD). 17549237 Rsp1016 8