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Figure 2

From: Species-specific alternative splicing leads to unique expression of sno-lncRNAs

Figure 2

Either H/ACA or C/D box snoRNP complexes are sufficient for sno-lncRNA formation (A) and (B) Northern bolts with denature PAGE gels show that sno-lncRNAs can be recapitulated after replacing the snoRNA end from C/D box snoRNA to H/ACA box snoRNA (A) or vice versa (B). Top, a schematic drawing of wild-type sno-lncRNAs (sno-lncRNA2 and sno-lnc5AC) or modified sno-lncRNAs (sno-lncRNA2-5A and sno-lnc5C-14) in the expression vector. Black/grey boxes, exons; Black bars, NB probes; Blue circles, C/D snoRNAs; Yellow circles, H/ACA snoRNAs; Bottom, Northern blot validation. NT, no transfection; EV, empty vector. RNA marker III was used to indicate RNA sizes. Total RNAs were separated on 3.5% denature PAGE gels with urea.

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