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Table 2 Summary of the expression pattern of AtWOXs and PtoWOXs

From: WUSCHEL-related Homeobox genes in Populus tomentosa: diversified expression patterns and a functional similarity in adventitious root formation

PtoWOXs Expression pattern AtPWOXs Expression pattern Ref
PtoWUSa Root, leaf, SAM, cambium, xylem AtWUS SAM [32]
PtoWUSb Cambium, xylem
PtoWOX1a Leaf AtWOX1 Between the adaxial and abaxial domains of leaf [33]
PtoWOX1b Leaf
PtoWOX1c Stem
PtoWOX2a Root AtWOX2 Apical embryo domain [34]
PtoWOX2b Root
No closely classified counterparts AtWOX3 flower primordia, floral organ primordia, and young leaf primordia. [35]
PtoWOX4a Root, Leaf, stem, cambium, xylem AtWOX4 Cambium, trichomes, stomata, phloem, pericycle [12]
PtoWOX5a RAM, leaf AtWOX5 RAM [10]
PtoWOX5b Root, leaf, stem
No closely classified counterparts AtWOX6 Differentiating primordia and developing ovules [16]
No closely classified counterparts AtWOX7 unknown  
PtoWOX8/9a Root, leaf AtWOX8 zygote, proembryo and embryo [14]
AtWOX9 Developing embryos, proliferating tissues, SAM, leaf primordia, floral meristems, epidermal layer of the placenta and growing septum [19]
PtoWOX8/9b Root, stem
No closely classified counterparts AtWOX10 unknow  
PtoWOX11/12a Root OsWOX11 Cell division regions in roots and shoots. [20]
PtoWOX11/12b AtWOX11, 12 unknown  
PtoWOX13a Root, leaf, SAM, cambium, xylem AtWOX13 Root tip, emerging lateral roots, root, SAM and leave vasculature, gynoecia [21]
No closely classified counterparts AtWOX14 Vascular tissue [23]
  1. The WOX expression patterns in other plant species were published in the corresponding references listed. Tissue names in italic indicate strong expression.