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Table 3 The 24 gene clusters containing duplicated S . sclerotiorum SPEP genes

From: Secretome analysis reveals effector candidates associated with broad host range necrotrophy in the fungal plant pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Group N° Ss - Bc* S. sclerotiorum SPEPs Other genes in group SPEPs annotation Nearest repeat to SPEPs (distance Kb)
Cluster012 7-6 SS1G_01081 BC1G_01968, SS1G_09509, BC1G_01095, SS1G_00547, BC1G_09386, SS1G_09141, SS1G_05689, BC1G_02407, SS1G_06186, BC1G_12856, SS1G_02784, BC1G_13021 Catalase 5SrRNA_AN (41.6)
Cluster022 6-4 SS1G_04468 SS1G_04513, SS1G_09104, SS1G_09671, BC1G_12617, BC1G_09286, SS1G_09338, BC1G_00394, SS1G_14236, BC1G_00455 Glycoside hydrolase family 47 protein Helitron-2_PSt (47.3)
Cluster035 5-4 SS1G_10949 BC1G_01945, SS1G_12508, SS1G_12939, BC1G_02687, BC1G_11888, BC1G_10788, SS1G_01984, SS1G_14293 Glucose oxidase BOTY_LTR (0.8)
Cluster047 4-3 SS1G_11700 SS1G_08020, BC1G_05350, BC1G_01594, SS1G_11304, BC1G_11407, SS1G_05897 Glycoside hydrolase family 18 protein BOTY_LTR (1.0)
Cluster051 6-1 SS1G_13371 BC1G_04114, SS1G_12365, SS1G_03721, SS1G_14379, SS1G_11693, SS1G_10104 - Tad1-14_BG (1.1)
Cluster057 4-2 SS1G_05454 BC1G_01964, SS1G_12510, SS1G_00677, SS1G_00773, BC1G_00533 Glycosyl hydrolases family 18 protein BOTY_LTR (0.9)
Cluster080 3-2 SS1G_05073 BC1G_10397, SS1G_10773, BC1G_07160, SS1G_13589 - BOTY_LTR (5.8)
Cluster094 3-2 SS1G_09630 SS1G_03681, SS1G_10564, BC1G_10623, BC1G_03527 Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase BOTY_LTR (3.6)
Cluster167 2-1 SS1G_13935 BC1G_12793, SS1G_13934 CFEM domain containing BOTY_LTR (9.6)
Cluster169 2-1 SS1G_02369 SS1G_00501, BC1G_00594 Xyloglucan-specific endo-betaglucanase A BOTY_LTR (0.5)
Cluster170 2-1 SS1G_04264, SS1G_12024 BC1G_15278 Cell wall glucanase BOTY_LTR (13.0) – Gypsy-31_ADe-I ( 35.9)
Cluster171 2-1 SS1G_13501 BC1G_06328, SS1G_03093 Bacterial alpha-L-rhamnosidase domain protein Harbinger-5_PSt (1.8)
Cluster175 2-1 SS1G_10092, SS1G_03618 BC1G_03590 Endo-beta-xylanase BOTY_LTR (3.9) - BOTY_LTR (11.4)
Cluster176 2-1 SS1G_04958, SS1G_09225 BC1G_01026 Tripeptidyl peptidase sed3 BOTY_LTR (1.1) - Mariner-3_AF (5.9)
Cluster181 2-1 SS1G_07498, SS1G_01811 BC1G_06353 Glucose-methanol-choline oxidoreductase BOTY_LTR (18.2) - BOTY_LTR (0.6)
Cluster182 3-1 SS1G_12509 SS1G_00772, SS1G_05453 LysM domain protein Mariner-3_AF (8.1)
Cluster186 2-1 SS1G_04200 BC1G_00245, SS1G_01334 Alpha-mannosidase family protein BOTY_LTR (2.2)
Cluster187 2-1 SS1G_04207 BC1G_00240, SS1G_04205 Polygalacturonase BOTY_LTR (3.4)
Cluster196 2-1 SS1G_05273 SS1G_11068, BC1G_09997 Amidase family protein BOTY_LTR (28.8)
Cluster203 2-1 SS1G_03160 SS1G_00233, BC1G_07555 Autophagy related lipase BOTY_LTR (1.2)
Cluster204 2-1 SS1G_08110, SS1G_12361 BC1G_12374 - 5SrRNA_AN (2.3) - Tad1-14_BG (1.8)
Cluster206 2-1 SS1G_08104 SS1G_09795, BC1G_12379 Acetyl xylan esterase 5SrRNA_AN (6.2)
Cluster214 2-1 SS1G_00446 BC1G_00660, SS1G_05782 Heterokaryon incompatibility Het-c domain protein SINE3-2_AO (5.4)
Cluster220 2-1 SS1G_05461 BC1G_06146, SS1G_13907 Thioesterase-like domain protein TGATGAA)n (0.3)
  1. Repbase nomenclature for transposons used here: BOTY_LTR, Botrytis cinerea gypsy-type retrotransposon; Gypsy-31_ADe-I, internal portion of retrotransposon GYPSY31; Harbinger-5_PSt, Harbinger-type DNA transposon; Mariner-3_AF, Mariner DNA transposons; SINE3-2_AO, SINE3 nonautonomous non-LTR retrotransposon; Tad1-14_BG, Tad1 Non-LTR retrotransposon from barley powdery mildew. Retrotransposons are indicated in bold. * Number of genes from S. sclerotiorum - B. cinerea.