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Figure 7

From: Genome characteristics reveal the impact of lichenization on lichen-forming fungus Endocarpon pusillum Hedwig (Verrucariales, Ascomycota)

Figure 7

Relative transcription levels of certain symbiosis-related genes in Endocarpon pusillum when cultured with Diplosphaera chodatii . The names of the genes are listed on the top of the picture. Circles represent genes encoding lectins, triangles represent N transporter genes, squares represent gene encoding enzymes of nitrogen metabolism, a heptagon represents the tetracycline resistance protein gene, hexagons represent sugar transporter genes, and pentagons represent genes encoding enzymes of sugar metabolism. The culture conditions are displayed at the right of the picture, in which the ratios of mycobiont (M) and phycobiont (A) and incubation time are given. The log2 relative expression with respect to the control group is illustrated in the heat map.

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