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Table 3 Numbers of Hsps identified in this paper

From: Genome-wide identification of heat shock proteins (Hsps) and Hsp interactors in rice: Hsp70s as a case study

Families sHsp Hsp60 Hsp70 Hsp90 Hsp100 Total
First step 23 4 8 3 3 41
Second step 14 4 7 3 3 31
Third step 12 3 6 3 3 27
  1. First step: Proteins that were annotated as heat shock proteins and contained the specific domains of heat shock proteins were downloaded from Uniprot database; Second step: Hsp candidates, whose expression value was absent in GSE6901 or GSE14275, were filtered out; Third step: Candidates, whose expression patterns were strongly correlated with the patterns of the HR probe-sets, were ultimately recognized as heat shock proteins.