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Table 1 Phenotype of MUTZ-3 cells

From: Evaluation of high throughput gene expression platforms using a genomic biomarker signature for prediction of skin sensitization

Cell surface marker % positive cells Standard deviation
CD1a 28.4 2.1
CD14 6.1 0.9
CD34 57.0 6.2
CD54 72.1 1.8
CD80 0.4 0.2
CD86 27.8 1.8
HLA-DR 87.4 4.1
  1. Expression levels of the cell surface markers CD54,CD80,CD86,HLA-DR,CD1a, CD14 and CD34 were determined using flow cytometry to ensure proliferating cells were not differentiated. Results illustrates average percentage of positive cells together with standard deviation (n = 3).