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Table 4 Linkage groups (LGs) with over-representation or under-representation of male-biased or female-biased genes

From: Transcriptome assemblies for studying sex-biased gene expression in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata

  Male-biased genes over represented Male-biased genes under represented Female-biased genes over represented Female-biased genes under represented
Brain     LG10
Tail   LG16   
Gonad   LG2, LG4, LG8, LG11, LG12, LG15, LG17, LG22 LG2, LG9, LG12, LG17, LG22  
Brain LG5 LG21   
Tail LG17    
Gonad   LG4, LG11 LG12, LG17  
  1. We use two expression differences cut-offs, ‘All’, 1.2-fold difference in expression (FDR < 0.05) and ‘median’, median-fold difference in expression (FDR < 0.1) for three different tissues (brain, tail, and gonad). The LGs with significant over- or under-representation of sex-biased genes (p < 0.05) are listed and those with p < 0.05 after correcting for multiple testing are highlighted in bold.