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Table 3 sRNAs differentially expressed in response to anaerobic conditions

From: RNA-seq analysis of the influence of anaerobiosis and FNR on Shigella flexneri

sRNAa Adjacent genes Description/class Length (nt) RNA-seqblog2FC RNA-seqblog2FC
     WT no O2/O2 Δfnr/WT no O2
csrB syd/SF5M90T_2595 protein-binding sRNA 360 4.97  
csrC yihi/yihA protein-binding sRNA 245 3.38  
  1. asRNAs are arranged in descending order in relation to Log2 of Fold Change values of WT no O2/WT O2 comparison.
  2. bLog2 of Fold Change values of WT no O2/WT O2 and Δfnr no O2/WT no O2 comparisons are presented. Only values considered differentially expressed are shown (p adjust <0.05).