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Table 2 Selected S. rhizophila DSM14405 T –specific genes revealing no homologs in the human pathogenic S. maltophilia K279a with their role in coping with the environment and bacteria-plant interactions

From: Stenotrophomonas comparative genomics reveals genes and functions that differentiate beneficial and pathogenic bacteria

Bilogical role Gene/Locus tag (Putative) Product
Plant growth promotion DX03_01135(speE) Spermidine synthase
Secretion System DX03_08905 lipoprotein
DX03_08920 type VI secretion system effector
DX03_08950 Rhs element Vgr protein with a type VI secretion system protein domain
DX03_09065 (icmf) type VI section system protein
DX03_09080 type VI section system-associated protein ImpA family
DX03_09090 Rhs element Vgr protein with a type VI secretion system protein domain
Bacterial and Plant cell wall breakdown DX03_06125 (mltD) Muramidase
DX03_09870 (xsa) xylosidase/arabinosidase
DX03_09875 (cbg1) beta-glucosidase
DX03_09880 sialate O-Acetylesterase
DX03_11570 (aguA) alpha-glucuroidase
DX03_20070 (xynB) endo-1,4-beta-xylanase B
Resistance towards antibiotics and salinity DX03_01540_42 (mdtABC) three multidrug resistance proteins; form together a multidrug resistance protein channel
DX03_06420 beta-lactamase
DX03_06600 (tetX) transposon tetracycline resistance protein
DX03_06745 (ampH) beta-lactamase
DX03_08150 aminoglycoside efflux protein
DX03_19375,mdtA,mdtN multidrug resitance proteins
DX03_19380 transposon tetracycline repressor protein
DX03_04600 (ggpS) glucoslglycerol-phosphate synthase; essential for the synthesis of the osmolyte glucoslglycerol
DX03_04605 (ycaD) glucoslglycerol transporter
Surface attachment and biofilm formation DX03_11195 (yccZ) capsule polysaccharide export protein
DX03_11200 (ymcC) Lipoprotein
DX03_11240 capsule polysaccharide biosynthesis protein
DX03_11265 (wcaJ) colanic biosynthesis UDP-glucose lipid transferase
DX03_14745 adhesin-like protein
DX03_17015 (algl) poly (beta-D-mannuronate) O-acetylase
DX03_17020 (algl) alginate bioynthesis protein Algl
Iron uptake fcuA,fhuA ferrichrome receptor proteins