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Table 3 Selected human pathogenic S. maltophilia K279a–specific genes, which are involved in virulence and pathogenicity, and reveal no homologs in S. rhizophila DSM14405 T

From: Stenotrophomonas comparative genomics reveals genes and functions that differentiate beneficial and pathogenic bacteria

Bilogical role Gene/Locus tag (Putative) Product
Virulence smf-1,0709 fimbrial adhesin proteins
0707 pili chaperone protein
mrkC outer membrane usher protein
3048 Hep Hag family adhesin
wbpV (3683) hemolysin protein
4391 exopolysaccharide synthesis protein
afaD Non-fembrial adhesin
4452 cell surface haemagluttinin protein
Secretion system-mediated pathogenicity, horizontal gene transfer 2997,3000 type IV secretion system transmembrane proteinS
2999,3002,3003 type IV secretion conjugal transfer proteins
3005 VirB9 protein
Heat shock resistance, chaperones 1818 heat shock chaperone protein
hscC chaperone heat shock Hsp70 protein
4630,4631 heat shock chaperone protein
Antibiotic resistance qnrB flouroquinolone resistance protein
2642 macrolide-specific ABC-type efflux
4159,4211 beta-lactamase
smeC (oprM) multidrug efflux system outer membrane protein
smerB multidrug efflux protein
smeA (acrA) drug resistance efflux protein