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Figure 2

From: Comparative analysis of the complete genome of KPC-2-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae Kp13 reveals remarkable genome plasticity and a wide repertoire of virulence and resistance mechanisms

Figure 2

Genomic context of RGP5 ( Yersinia high-pathogenicity island) detected in Kp13. Arrows represent predicted genes and their respective transcription strands (forward/reverse). In yellow, those that code for T4SS proteins; in blue, genes unique to Kp13; in green, genes related to siderophore production and export. The central segment unique to NTUH-K2044 contains the iro cluster related to iron capture. In orange and brown are shown, respectively, integrases and transposases. Plots above each region indicates the corresponding G + C content (%). The vertical blue and red segments connecting regions represent, respectively, direct or inverted conserved segments (BLASTN ≥ 70%).

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