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Table 1 Communities of the CCCI

From: A network-based approach to dissect the cilia/centrosome complex interactome

ID N Name Biological process
1 65 Proteasome Proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
2 62 Skeletal muscle cytoskeleton Actin filament capping; cardiac muscle contraction
3 59 Ribosomes Translational elongation
4 48 G-proteins Signaling pathway transduction
5 35 Calcium channels and cAMP-dependent protein kinase complexes Signaling pathway transduction
6 34 Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis
7 31 Spliceosome and protein translation mRNA processing and translation initiation activity
8 28 Cytochrome P 450 and glutathione-S-transferase isoenzymes Metabolic process
9 26 Actin cytoskeleton Cell migration and motility
10 24 Nucleotide biosynthetic enzymes GTP/UTP/CTP biosynthetic process
11 24 Chaperones Protein folding
12 23 Vacuolar ATPase and keratins ATP synthesis coupled proton transport; epidermis development
  1. Communities containing at least 20 genes are reported in descending order of the number of components/genes (N). The communities’ ID, name, and the biological process enrichment are reported.