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Table 4 Significant GO terms

From: BAC and RNA sequencing reveal the brown planthopper resistance gene BPH15 in a recombination cold spot that mediates a unique defense mechanism

GO accession GO terms R0_R6 S0_S6 R0_R48 R-all S0_S48 S-all S48_R48 S_R-all
GO:0050896 Response to stimulus 7.90E-07 3.50E-08 1.00E-08 1.80E-11 2.10E-14 5.50E-17 2.10E-06 2.40E-09
GO:0009628 Response to abiotic stimulus 1.10E-06 3.10E-08 7.90E-08 4.10E-10 1.10E-20 6.00E-24 1.10E-12 3.40E-16
GO:0006950 Response to stress 7.90E-06 1.10E-07 7.10E-08 1.60E-10 1.40E-12 5.80E-16 6.30E-07 7.70E-10
GO:0005618 Cell wall 2.60E-06 1.10E-06 1.50E-03 8.60E-08 2.90E-12 3.70E-15 3.10E-08 6.60E-09
GO:0009536 Plastid 3.80E-06 1.60E-07 3.40E-10 8.40E-12 4.20E-83 3.90E-79 1.80E-31 1.20E-28
GO:0009579 Thylakoid 1.90E-05 2.50E-12 4.30E-20 1.70E-18 1.00E-102 1.60E-97 8.70E-52 1.10E-47
GO:0015979 Photosynthesis - - 8.90E-09 2.20E-07 4.90E-42 8.90E-41 5.00E-21 1.30E-17
GO:0009607 Response to biotic stimulus - - 4.70E-07 5.20E-08 2.40E-13 4.80E-13 5.70E-08 4.70E-08
GO:0006091 Generation of precursor metabolites and energy - - 4.80E-04 8.40E-04 4.50E-21 2.30E-20 4.00E-11 3.30E-11
GO:0005840 Ribosome - - 2.00E-06 2.70E-04 2.60E-24 9.50E-23 4.70E-16 4.20E-16
GO:0043229 Intracellular organelle - - 6.10E-04 6.30E-04 3.90E-23 4.20E-21 2.30E-09 6.10E-09
GO:0009059 Macromolecule biosynthetic process - - - - 3.50E-15 9.40E-13 6.00E-13 1.40E-12
GO:0006412 Translation - - - - 3.50E-15 9.40E-13 6.00E-13 1.40E-12
GO:0010467 Gene expression - - - - 3.00E-10 2.10E-08 6.00E-10 1.10E-09
GO:0019748 Secondary metabolic process - - - - 2.30E-04 1.40E-05 4.60E-04 1.50E-06
GO:0009058 Biosynthetic process - - - - 2.30E-04 4.20E-04 1.20E-03 3.30E-04
  1. R-all: union of R0_R6 and R0_R48; S-all: union of S0_S6 and S0_S48; S_R-all: union of S0_R0, S6_R6, and S48_R48.