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Table 1 Summary of ESTs and contigs

From: The Babesia bovis gene and promoter model: an update from full-length EST analysis

  Number Accession number
Total number of isolated clones 12286  
5' one-pass sequence 9573 DDBJ: HX874250-HX894778
3' one-pass sequence 10956
Contig sequence 6787  
Non-redundant contig sequence1) 2115 DDBJ: AK440354-AK442468
Identical2) 310  
Amino acid variant3) 342
Structural variant4) 1054
Assigned in this study5) 409
  1. 1) Nonredundant contig sequences were selected from the contig sequence. Identical, amino acid, structural, and assigned variants were subsets of nonredundant contig sequences. 2) Contig sequences with identical coding sequences to the preproposed gene model (ppgm); 3) Contig sequences with almost identical coding sequence but amino acid variant(s) derived from single nucleotide variant(s); 4) Contig sequences with structural differences to that of the ppgm assigned in this study; 5) Contig sequences not described in the ppgm.