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Table 4 Identification of candidate genes underlying overlapped locus of eQTL and QTL

From: Expression quantitative trait loci infer the regulation of isoflavone accumulation in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) seed

  Marker interval   Gm(LG)   Physical location of markers Candidate genes Physical location of candidate genes Function of candidate genes
Satt546-Satt459 Gm02(LGD1b) 43,775,407-48,390,089 Glyma02g40290.1 45,490,798-45,495,043 C4H
Glyma02g47940.1 51,366,326-51,368,943 PAL1
Satt186-Satt226 Gm17(LG D2) 26,768,866-39,047,375 Glyma17g34430.1 38,398,978-38,401,025 CHI
Glyma17g37060.1 40,920,379-40,923,898 DFR
Satt423-Satt569 Gm13(LG F) 5,231,035-9,567,285 Glyma13g01080.1/2 798,836-805,844 4CL
Glyma13g02740.1 2,707,784-2,712,790 FLS
Glyma13g09640.1 11,153,569-11,158,812 CHS
Satt149-Sat_234 Gm13(LG F) 4,976,740-26,460,745 Glyma13g24200.1 27,567,360-27,569,061 IFS
Glyma13g20800.1 24,273,025-24,278,037 PAL1
Glyma13g27380.1 30,577,113-30,579,230 DFR
Glyma13g09640.1 11,153,569-11,158,812 CHS
Glyma13g02740.1 2,707,784-2,712,790 FLS
Sat_262-Sat_103 Gm13(LG F) 7,233,012-25,478,474 Glyma13g20800.1 24,273,025-24,278,037 PAL1
Glyma13g24200.1 27,567,360-27,569,061 IFS
Glyma13g09640.1 11,153,569-11,158,812 CHS
  Glyma13g02740.1 2,707,784-2,712,790 FLS