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Table 2 Statistics of the Sf_TR2012b transcriptome assembly compared to D. melanogaster and B. mori

From: Establishment and analysis of a reference transcriptome for Spodoptera frugiperda

  Sf_GATC_Clusters Sf_TR2012b Dm_transcripts_r5.50 Bm_assembled_ESTs
Sequence numbers 183,373 54,976 28,538 16,425
Total length (nt) 61,002,208 36,925,829 81,145,340 11,205,779
N50 (nt) 408 876 3,856 676
N90 (nt) 295 400 1,447 475
  1. The data for D. melanogaster has been downloaded from Flybase ( while the data from B. mori has been downloaded from SilkDB ( In D. melanogaster, all transcripts correspond to the latest version of transcript annotation coming from gene prediction and manual curation. B. mori dataset has been generated by assembling a collection of ~64,000 ESTs, giving two reference points for different transcriptomic strategies.