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Table 3 Genes encoding enzymes involved in flavonoid biosynthesis in M. sprengeri

From: Genome-wide transcriptome analysis of genes involved in flavonoid biosynthesis between red and white strains of Magnolia sprengeri pamp

Name Description Number of transcripts KO no. EC no.
PAL PhenylalanineAmmonia-Lyase K10775 EC.
C4H Cinnamat-4-Hydroxylase K13065 EC.
DFR Dihydroflavonol-4-Reductase K13082 EC.
F3H Flavanone 3-Hydroxylase K00475 EC.
F3′H Flavonoid-3′-Hydroxylase K05280 EC.
CHI Chalcone Isomerase K01859 EC.
FLS Flavonol Synthase K05278 EC.
CHS Chalcone Synthase K00660 EC.
ANS Anthocyanidin Synthase K05277 EC.