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Table 4 Transcription factors among beneficial fungi- induced genes

From: Deep sequencing–based comparative transcriptional profiles of Cymbidium hybridum roots in response to mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal beneficial fungi

TF family or domain Induced Repressed Number of genes
AP2-ERF Unigene627_All*, Unigene6402_All*, Unigene12197_All*, Unigene103_All*, Unigene1545_All, Unigene10693_All, Unigene13239_All, Unigene13630_All   4* (4)
WRKY Unigene2569_All  (WRKY19), Unigene13120_All*(WRKY40), Unigene8345_All*(WRKY5), Unigene8346_All*(WRKY5), Unigene3004_All*(WRKY39), Unigene4511_All*(WRKY43), Unigene1640_All(WRKY17) Unigene1887_All (WRKY23) 5* (3)
Myb Unigene10890_All*, Unigene13524_All*, Unigene14312_All*, Unigene2947_All Unigene12533_All, Unigene16161_All*, Unigene1441_All*, Unigene14070_All* 6* (2)
bHLH Unigene4212_All*, Unigene2945_All*, Unigene13683_All*, Unigene14108_All* Unigene1570_All*, Unigene15208_All*, Unigene12890_All, 6* (1)
HOX Unigene11426_All*, Unigene888_All, Unigene9904_All, Unigene7407_All*, Unigene14238_All 2* (3)
NAC Unigene14999_All*, Unigene8664_All*, Unigene16437_All*, Unigene11336_All* Unigene5046_All* 5*
ARF Unigene10085_All (ARF9), Unigene9466_All (ARF9)   (2)
GRAS Unigene2120_All(SC)*, Unigene10121_All, Unigene4453_All (scarecrow-like), Unigene6482_All (SC), Unigene13312_All (SC), Unigene15630_All, Unigene456_All   1* (6)
BTB/POZ Unigene2160_All, Unigene351_All, Unigene352_All Unigene11206_All (4)
C3H Unigene156_All, Unigene209_All*, Unigene10727_All* Unigene16285_All, Unigene81_All 2* (3)
GATA Unigene1952_All*, Unigene10179_All* Unigene1691_All, Unigene10219_All* 3* (1)
C2H2 Unigene2954_All*, Unigene2352_All* 2*
dof Unigene3028_All*,   1*
A20AN1 Unigene2954_All*, Unigene10730_All   1* (1)
CO-like   Unigene4931_All (1)
Hsf Unigene13648_All*, Unigene4980_All*   2*
Trihelix   Unigene2892_All (1)
ASG   Unigene3840_All (1)
WD Unigene4225_All   (1)
MADs Unigene4681_All   (1)
MACPF Unigene8197_All   (1)
BLH Unigene8238_All   (1)
A-2b Unigene13648_All*, Unigene4980_All   1* (1)
UNE Unigene4910_All Unigene10862_All* 1* (1)
rf Unigene14563_All*   1*
MYC Unigene15000_All*   1*
RAX Unigene1589_All*   1*
NF-YC Unigene16018_All*   1*
bZIP Unigene4820_All,   (1)
  1. Lists of TFs in this table included specifically regulated TFs in OM formation and * co-regulated genes in three treatments; qPCR validation; number in parenthesis referred to the gene number regulated by OM formation.