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Table 5 Local motif enrichment in bound and unbound promoters in untreated MCF10A-ER-Src cells

From: Differential motif enrichment analysis of paired ChIP-seq experiments

  Motif Rank Motif Rank Motif Rank
Local Enrichment: Proximal TSSs SP4_full 1 SP4_full 1 KLF14_DBD 1
  Fos 288 Mycn 365 STAT1 125
  Mycn 323 STAT1 482 Mycn 505
  STAT1 874 Fos 587 Fos 541
Differential Enrichment: Proximal vs. Distal TSSs JDP2_DBD 1 NFYA 1 Stat3 1
  Fos 11 Myc 63 MYC::MAX 795
  Mycn 33 Fos 532 Fos 829
  STAT1 857 STAT1 559   
  1. The table summarizes local motif enrichment around TSSs proximal (within 1000 bp) or distal to the nearest peak in FOS, MYC and STAT3 ChIP-seq experiments in untreated MCF10A-ER-Src cells. For each ChIP-ed factor, we report the name (in the JASPAR+Jolma compendium) and rank (out of 884) of the most significantly enriched motif from each of the three ChIP-ed TF families. in untreated MCF10A-ER-Src cells. Rank is based on either the local enrichment in bound promoters (“Proximal TSSs”) or the differential local enrichment between bound and unbound promoters (“Proximal vs. Distal TSSs”). The top-ranking motif is also shown even if it is not from on of the three ChIP-ed TF families. The numbers of proximal (distal) TSSs are FOS: 4503 (44548); MYC: 11192 (37859); and STAT3: 2261 (46790).