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Figure 1

From: Systematic transcriptome analysis of the zebrafish model of diamond-blackfan anemia induced by RPS24 deficiency

Figure 1

Hemoglobin staining of embryos injected with rps24 MO using o-dianisidine and effectiveness of rps24 MO. (A-F) O-staining of rps24 MO embryos showed a drastic reduction in the number of hemoglobin-stained blood cells when rps24 is knockdown (A and D are controls, B and E are rps24 knockdown) and partially rescued phenotype by co-injection of p53 MO (C and F). (G-H) The sequence of rps24 MO is a compliment of 1–24 bp of rps24 cDNA. Embryos co-injected with 25 ng rps24: egfp DNA and 5 ng control MO produced green fluorescent protein (G), and the expression of green fluorescent fusion protein was inhibited by co-injection with 2 ng rps24 Mo (H). A, B, C are ventral view; D, E, F, G and H are lateral view.

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