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Table 6 The classification and expression pattern of the identified differentially co-expressed unigenes

From: Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed genes and transcriptional regulation induced by salt stress in two contrasting cotton genotypes

Groups I ck,4 h II ck,24 h III ck,4 h,24 h IV ck,4 h V ck,24 h VI ck,4 h,24 h
Expression pattern
Definition Early induced up-regulated Late induced up-regulated Continuous induced up-regulated Early induced down-regulated Late induced down-regulated Continuous induced down-regulated
N-E common unigenesa no. 3,459(55)c 5,311(121) 5,051(315) 4,102(60) 7,069(105) 7,922(163)
E specific unigenesb no. 997(15) 1,365(40) 1,095(30) 1,321(27) 1,394(8) 1,541(9)
  1. aN-E common unigenes means the Nan Dan Ba Di Da Hua and Earlistaple 7 are common to differentially co-expressed unigenes.
  2. bE special unigenes means the differentially co-expressed unigenes expressed only in the Earlistaple 7 genotype.
  3. cNumbers in parentheses indicate the number of TF unigenes.