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Table 7 The specific transcription factor unigenes response to salt stress in Earlistaple 7

From: Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed genes and transcriptional regulation induced by salt stress in two contrasting cotton genotypes

Unigene ID Accession Annotation E-value Earlistaple 7 Log2 ratio
4 h 24 h
comp1995_c0_seq1 Q9FWX2 NAC domain-containing protein 7 7E-51 -2.00 -1.52
comp105823_c0_seq1 Q39261 Zinc finger protein 2 9E-22 -1.63 -1.39
comp100893_c1_seq1 Q9ZWM9 AP2/ERF and B3 domain transcription factor RAV 8E-78 -1.01 -1.65
comp109426_c0_seq4 Q9FLX8 Probable WRKY transcription factor 27 9E-58 -0.56 -2.14
comp1104709_c0_seq1 Q39265 Zinc finger protein 6 2E-25 0.00 -1.53
comp534425_c0_seq1 B9SUH9 CCAAT-binding transcription factor. Putative 2E-11 0.00 -1.58
comp94181_c0_seq1 Q688R3 Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 33 1E-16 1.05 2.14
comp105064_c1_seq2 Q9XEE6 Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 29 6E-79 1.07 2.10
comp77518_c0_seq1 E2FGB5 Homeodomain-leucine zipper protein HD2 GhHB2 1E-53 1.92 3.29
comp103962_c0_seq1 Q6VY01 Putative dehydration responsive GhDREB1A 3E-53 2.26 3.62
comp87977_c0_seq1 Q9LR65 Probable protein phosphatase 2C 1 1E-69 2.47 2.35
comp64928_c0_seq1 B9GYM6 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF105 6E-07   2.18
comp97922_c0_seq1 Q9XEE6 Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 29 4E-91   2.08
comp96688_c0_seq1 Q8LCG7 Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit C-2 NFYC2 3E-26   1.98
comp72703_c0_seq1 Q9SV15 Probable WRKY transcription factor 11 7E-27   1.98
comp108958_c0_seq1 B9SRT4 WRKY transcription factor. Putative 1E-65   1.89
comp74963_c0_seq2 Q9XJ60 MADS-box transcription factor 50 1E-30   1.85
comp106969_c0_seq1 Q6X7J9 WUSCHEL-related homeobox 4 5E-60   -1.2
comp67684_c0_seq1 Q9FJV5 Probable transcription factor KAN4 3E-09   -1.48
comp81996_c0_seq1 A4L9W4 Auxin response factor 3 GhARF3 9E-16   -2.14
comp114981_c0_seq2 Q9FHH8 Zinc finger protein CONSTANS-LIKE 5 3E-23   -2.15
comp426377_c0_seq1 A9PL22 Homeobox protein GhHB1 1E-58   -2.88
comp79059_c0_seq1 Q9SK55 NAC domain-containing protein 42 3E-77 -4.11  
comp60998_c0_seq1 Q681X4 Zinc finger protein ZAT5 6E-16 -2.55  
comp71059_c0_seq1 O80933 Scarecrow-like protein 9 5E-41 -2.45  
comp107981_c0_seq1 B9SMN9 Transcription factor. Putative 7E-33 -2.41  
comp98436_c0_seq1 D3XFF8 TT2 like MYB transcription factor 2E-77 -2.26  
comp398_c0_seq1 O04291 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-14 3E-25 -2.15  
comp108793_c0_seq1 Q8LAP8 Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.6 2E-38 -2.1  
comp2403_c0_seq1 Q9SB61 ZF-HD homeobox protein At4g24660 2E-41 -1.84  
comp55428_c0_seq1 G7JVA8 Zinc finger protein-like Ser/Thr protein kinase-like protein 5E-75 -1.44  
comp69223_c0_seq1 Q9LHJ9 Probable protein phosphatase 2C 38 2E-142 1.63  
comp67435_c0_seq1 B9RA11 Transcription factor. Putative 2E-26 1.71  
comp60938_c0_seq1 E6Y3E2 WRKY transcription factor PmWRKY110 (Fragment) 1E-11 1.96  
comp798487_c0_seq1 Q4ZJA9 BZIP-like protein Gossypium hirsutum 2E-19 2.5