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Table 1 Candidate genes chosen for analysis of cell-type specific change of transcript accumulation under blue, red and far-red light in Volvox

From: Cell-type specific light-mediated transcript regulation in the multicellular alga Volvox carteri

Gene Description/Function Accession Number/Reference Percentage of sequence identity to the homologous protein from the closely related alga Chlamydomonas Accession number of used homolog for sequence comparison/Reference Changes in transcript in response to light/References
LHCBM6 Chloropyll a-b binding protein of LHCII type I/a major LHCII polypeptide present in the trimeric antenna complexes of PS II XM_002959515/[21] 93.3% identity in 253 aa overlap EDP01611/[22] Blue, red and far-red light/[10, 11, 23]
LHL4 Lhc-like protein Lhl4/distant relative of light-harvesting Chla/b protein XP_002956040/[21] 64.1% identity in 284 aa overlap BAD67138/[24] Blue, green and red light/[25]
CHLD Magnesium chelatase subunit D, chloroplast precursor/involved in chlorophyll biosynthesis XP_002956151/[21] 93.3% identity in 704 aa overlap EDP07156/[22] White, blue and red light/[10, 26]
GSA Glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase/key enzyme for chlorophyll synthesis XP_002950034/[21] 92.2% identity in 464 aa overlap Q39566/[27] Blue, red and far-red light/[10, 11, 28]
POR Protochlorophyllide reductase/involved in protochlorophyllide and chlorophyll biosynthesis XP_002950278/[21] 81.1% identity in 392 aa overlap Q39617/[29] Blue and red light/[10]
ALAD Delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase/key enzyme required for early steps in chlorophyll biosynthesis XP_002946379/[21] 91% identity in 388 aa overlap Q42682/[30] White, blue and green light/[11, 28]
OEE Oxygen evolving enhancer protein 1/part of the oxygen evolving complex of photosystem II XP_002954867/[21] 87% identity in 291 aa overlap P12853/[31] White light/[11]
RB60 Disulfide isomerase RB60/part of a complex that regulates the translation of the chloroplast-encoded psbA EFJ41881/[21] 71% identity in 532 aa overlap AAC49896/[32] White and red light/[33]
RB38 RNA-binding protein RB38/part of a complex that regulates the translation of the chloroplast-encoded psbA XP_002953456/[21] 53.4% identity in 371 aa overlap AAM76787/[34] White, blue and red/[33]
PDS Phytoene desaturase/key enzyme for carotenoids synthesis XP_002948155/[21] 85.3% identity in 572 aa overlap EDP05305/[22] Blue and red light/[10, 11, 35]
PSY Phytoene synthase/key enzyme involved in the first step of the carotenoids biosynthetic pathway XP_002956783/[21] 86.3% identity in 379 aa overlap EDO97702/[22] White and blue light/[11, 35, 36]
CDKB1 Plant specific cyclin dependent kinase/involved in the regulation of the cell cycle XP_002947156/[21] 95.7% identity in 322 aa overlap EDO97594/[22] Blue and red light/[10]
CRB1 C1 subunit of the circadian RNA-binding protein CHLAMY1/associated with the circadian clock XP_002957962/[21] 57.9% identity in 482 aa overlap EDP08399/[22] Blue and red light/[10]
CRB3 C3 subunit of the circadian RNA-binding protein CHLAMY1/associated with the circadian clock XP_002946862/[21] 85.2% identity in 392 aa overlap EDP06114/[22] Blue and red light/[10]
ACDA Guanylyl and adenylate cyclase family member/cAMP or cGMP production ABM47321/[37] 63.6% identity in 154 aa overlap XP_001702503/[22] ---------------
CA Carbonic anhydrase/key enzyme involves in involved in carbon metabolism XP_002951242/[21] 50.8% identity in 374 aa overlap BAA14232/[38] White, blue and red light/[36, 39]
GLN1 Glutamine synthetase/key enzyme in nitrogen metabolism XP_002956198/[21] 92.1% identity in 382 aa overlap U46207/[40] White, blue and red light/[10, 40]
FBP Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase/key enzymes involved in gluconeogenesis and the Calvin cycle XP_002948170 [21] 88% identity in 415 aa overlap XP_001690872/[22] White light/[36]
RPE Ribulose phosphate-3-epimerase/key enzymes involved in the Calvin cycle Photozyme ID: Vocar20000806m.g/[21] 90.2% identity in 264 aa overlap XP_001691071/[22] White light/[36]