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Table 1 Concentration of antibiotics, NaCl and H2O2 used in the stress exposure experiments

From: Expression of antisense small RNAs in response to stress in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Condition Abbreviation MIC value (μg/ml) (μg/ml) added at OD = 0.5
Control - - -
Aztreonam AZT 4 3xMIC
Ceftazidime CEF 2 3xMIC
Ciprofloxacin CIP 0.125 3xMIC
Meropenem MER 1 3xMIC
Tetracyclin TET 8 3xMIC
Tobramycin TOB 1 3xMIC
Azithromycin AZI 1.5 10xMIC
Colistin CO 4 3xMIC
Piperacillin PP 4 3xMIC
Hydrogen peroxyde H2O2 - 1 mM
Sodium chloride NaCl - 0.5 M