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Table 1 Table of six enriched GOBP at day 90 or 110 in the two extreme breeds

From: Muscle transcriptomic investigation of late fetal development identifies candidate genes for piglet maturity

Day Items GOBP Terms Genes
90 GO:0007275 Multicellular organismal development TCF12 MGP KLF3 FRZB DIAPH2 IGF2 SEMA4D GPSM1 MESP1 CCBE1 VEGFC CREM RYBP JAG1 KDR CSPG4 CECR1
  GO:0030154 Cell differentiation TCF12 MGP FRZB DIAPH2 SEMA4D GPSM1 VEGFC CREM CSPG4 SH2B3
  GO:0001501 Skeletal system development FRZB IGF2 GDF11 IGF1
110 GO:0006094 Gluconeogenesis PCK2 GPD1 PGK1
  GO:0006006 Glucose metabolic process PCK2 UPG2 PGK1 PYGL SORD
  GO:0044255 Cellular lipid metabolic process GPD1 OXCT1 SLC25A20
  1. In italic, genes are up-regulated in MS only, and in bold, genes are up-regulated in LW only. Genes up-regulated in MS and LW are not represented. The complete list of genes up-regulated in MS and/or LW is given in Additional file 4.