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Table 2 The genome content and annotation of Ch. tentans

From: The Chironomus tentans genome sequence and the organization of the Balbiani ring genes

Genome size ~200 Mb
Karyotype 2n = 8
GC content 31.2%
High copy repeat content  
Complex repeats 11%
Minisatellites/Low-complexity repeats 4%
Coding regions (excluding introns/UTRs) 9%
Assembled transcripts (sequences/clusters) 107,717/66,004
High-confidence transcripts 9,613
Predicted coding gene loci 15,120
Fraction of genes with introns 83%
Average exon/intron size 312 bp/1,103 bp
Largest intron size 97 Kb
Fraction of short (<80 bp) introns 41%
  1. UTR: Untranslated region.