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Table 3 Up-regulated transcription factors during the larva-to-pupa metamorphosis

From: Transcriptomic analysis of developmental features of Bombyx mori wing disc during metamorphosis

RNA-Seq ID log2(PP/L5D6) log2(P0/PP) Gene description
Bm_nscaf2589_261 5.93* 1.43* probable nuclear hormone receptor HR38
Bm_nscaf1898_501 2.55*   D-ETS-4-like isoform X2
Bm_nscaf2859_001 1.13*   E75 isoform B
Bm_nscaf2876_46 15.42*   bHLH protein 15-like
Bm_nscaf2734_12 6.05* -6.63* hepatic leukemia factor-like isoform X4
Bm_nscaf2847_349 1.77* -2.46* protein escargot-like
Bm_nscaf2888_249 8.43* -1.46* nuclear receptor GRF
Bm_nscaf2902_040 4.45* -4.90* helix-loop-helix protein delilah-like
Bm_nscaf2964_066 7.05* -5.78* hormone receptor 3C
Bm_nscaf3090_4 6.65* -17.02* chorion specific C/EBP
Bm_scaffold316_2 2.86* -2.64* protein embryonic gonad-like
Bm_nscaf1898_167   2.41* achaete-scute-like protein ASH2
Bm_nscaf1898_212   3.88* ets DNA-binding protein pokkuri-like
Bm_nscaf2770_58   2.82* transcription factor SOX-4-like
Bm_nscaf2847_110   3.76* Krueppel-like factor 10-like
Bm_nscaf2888_433   3.60* transcription factor E74
Bm_nscaf2930_060   2.00* enhancer of split mbeta
  1. Asterisks indicate that the gene, whose expression level had more than two folds difference between two stages and False Discovery Rate (FDR) was less than 0.001, was identified as differentially expressed at this developmental stage. The values in the second and third columns were calculated by Log2(PP-RPKM/L5D6-RPKM) or Log2(P0-RPKM/PP-RPKM) and only those differentially expressed genes are given. Genes with black bold ID were selected for qRT-PCR analysis.