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Table 2 Plasmid features of P. polymyxa strains SC2 and M1

From: Comparative and genetic analysis of the four sequenced Paenibacillus polymyxa genomes reveals a diverse metabolism and conservation of genes relevant to plant-growth promotion and competitiveness

  SC2 M1
Accession Number NC_014628 NC_017543
Plasmid Size (base pairs (GC%)) 510 115 (37.6) 366 576 (38.4)
Plasmid Genes (Protein, tRNA) 676 (626, 44) 295 (295, 0)
Strain Specific CDS 614 273
  1. Accession numbers to the plasmid entry in NCBI Nucleotide database. Coding Sequences were identified from available annotations in the NCBI Genebank database. Conserved and strain-specific plasmid encoded sequences were determined using mGenomeSubtractor, with an H-value cut-off of 0.81 and 0.41 respectively.